Xlerator® passes the sustainability test.


When longtime Longmeadow High School Principal, Lawrence Berte, reached retirement eligibility, he opted to stay on board with the school to see the new building construction through to completion.

“We sat with the architect for a year and a half to design the building, and the build itself took a year and a half,” Berte said. “The students wanted to have this new building be modern and up-to-date and we wanted a facility that implemented environmental best practices.”

One of those best practices was the installation of high-speed, energy-efficient XLERATOR® Hand Dryers. Another important factor? Cost savings.

With 1,000 students, 100 teaching faculty and a support staff of about 25, the XLERATOR has allowed the school to realize a substantial reduction in paper towel costs and eliminated a majority of restroom maintenance needs.

“With a building that has 1,200 people coming in, you not only have the use of paper towels, you also have disposal and maintenance costs. The XLERATOR was an easy option for us. And our facility managers are thankful they’re not cleaning up a paper towel mess every night,” Berte said.

The whole building process was used as an educational tool to teach the students about the importance of sustainability. “We had a lot of discussion about how we were going to make this an environmentally friendly school,” said Berte. “Those green initiatives and environmentally sound practices have been incorporated into our curriculum work as well. For example, we have a course called Community Service Learning and students took on an entire recycling project for the school.”   

The XLERATOR’s modular design and low failure rate that makes it one of the most reliable and easy to service hand dryers on the market.

The school itself has received positive response from the community. “The faculty loves the flow of the school and the way things work and the students are thrilled with it. We came from a very old building that lacked space, technology and light. All of those things come with this new building, so we’re really pleased,” Berte said. “Plus, the kids have a different attitude here. When they see the dryers or any other new products in this school, they tend to take care of it.”

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