School security is important, but no one wants a place of learning to look like a fortress. That’s why, in recent decades, there’s been a move away from more forbidding perimeter fencing to barriers you can see through, and that are more aesthetically pleasing.

Fencing products like the Nylofor 3-M offer a high level of security, and are difficult for would-be intruders to scale, while remaining almost completely transparent – perfect for schools and other contexts where you want children to be secure, but also need the environment to still be open and welcoming.

What’s more, it’s been specifically designed to be both cost-effective and quick and easy to install – it can be fitted 20% faster, and needs 20% less concrete and posts than other systems of its type.

However, it’s important to ensure that fencing designed to keep intruders out doesn’t accidentally injure the people it’s intended to protect.

That’s the benefit of Roll Top fencing, which features rolled top and bottom edges without the sharp sections that can be dangerous to children.

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