We look at two school roof problems, one old and one new


An ‘old’ school roof collapses


A Gwynedd primary school will be closed for two weeks because part of its roof fell in .

Children at Ysgol Brynaerau, Pontllyfni, Gwynedd arrived at school on Monday morning, after their half-term break, only to be sent immediately back home.

Inspections on the roof have revealed that it is potentially unsafe in several places, and the school is now likely to be closed for a fortnight.

The ceiling in the hall and both classrooms will need to be replaced.

The children will be taught at Ysgol Talysarn during the period of the closure, and transport will be laid on for them.

Yesterday, when the school was first closed, Robert Jones, 60, from Capel Uchaf , questioned whether his daughter Victoria and other youngsters could have been in danger if they had been in lessons at the time the roof began to give way.

He said: “My daughter said she could see where it had moved, so I believe the roof has partially collapsed.

“It is an old school building, Victorian with a modern annexe on the side.”

“What if it had collapsed with the children inside?

He said the school did not say what caused the collapse, or if they were aware of the danger.


Source: North Wales Live


A ‘new’ school roof not fit for purpose


Nearly £1m worth of cash has been signed off to fix a primary school’s leaky roof, which has been blamed for disrupting children’s education.

Sandal Magna Community Academy got a new school building in 2010, but its roof has been in a state of disrepair ever since, with the school having to be repeatedly closed for short periods in recent years.

Two contractors tasked with fixing it went bust, councillors were told on Tuesday, while a third company did not complete the job after the school ran out of cash for it.

Now, Wakefield Council has put up £850,000 to repair the roof. Although academies are funded by the government and their own private sponsors, the local authority has had to stump up because the problem started when the school was under its control.

Speaking at a Cabinet meeting on Tuesday morning, the council’s Cabinet member for children, Margaret Isherwood, said: “The school has had five closures since 2016, and on one occasion it was shut for three days.

“It’s not good for the children involved.

The school became an academy in 2013.

“The closures are becoming more necessary and more regular.

“It’s vitally important this work is done. We have a responsibility, even though its now an academy, because the work was done while it was a (local authority) maintained school.

“There’s no other option but to replace the roof so that the children can continue their education.”

Wakefield Council did consider taking legal action against some of the professionals tasked with fixing the roof, but decided against the move over fears it may be too costly and unsuccessful.

The local authority will apply for a grant from the Department of Education in the hope of having the cash refunded.


Source: Wakefield Express



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