Keeping pace with the demands for faster installation

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Building construction requirements are changing and traditional methods are finding it hard to keep pace with the demands for faster installation without compromising quality and technical skills in order to deliver the necessary speed, conformity and cost.
To meet these needs without compromise Sure-Rend have developed a range of products.
Supplied in a range of finishes, Brick Slip, Render, Timber, Aluminum and Architectural Profiles can be manufactured and delivered ready for fast on-site installation.  Window bands, preformed corners and special features can all be built into the panel design at the manufacturing stage.
Timber or steel can be used in the design of the supporting framework and support rails or special adjustable fixing brackets used to mount the panels on to the frames.
Suitable for both new-build and re-fit projects the lightweight panels are designed to be hung on the structure or existing building rather than relying on extra foundations.
Sure-Rend’s quality product solutions have been successfully serving construction for some time.  The extraneous impact that the first half of 2020 has brought to bear on the sector has made the product quality and speed of turnaround that Sure-Rend can offer an even more vital component in helping designers and contractors as we enter the second half of 2020 and forge ahead with recovery.


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