An Essex primary school has been forced to close its building for some pupils due to “issues” identified with its roof. Springfield Primary School in Chelmsford described the situation as “ever-changing” and the news came as a “total shock” to them.

Parents of year five children at the school in Forsynthia Close were contacted last week to report that their children would not be able to physically attend the school building due to issues identified in the roof following a government inspection. The roof has reportedly been “condemned” and told improvements must be made.

In a newsletter shared, the school’s headteacher Jacquelyn Pick said the issues had been identified in the junior half of the school. In a Tweet the day before on Thursday, the school said it would be closed to children in years three, four and six.

In the newsletter, Ms Pick said: “

As you are aware, we have ‘issues’ with the roof in the junior half of our school. These issues are due to the concrete in the roof which was built in the 1970s and is the same as many schools and hospitals have had to deal with.

“Could I ask parents to keep an eye on emails please as we are dealing with an ever-changing situation. The news came as a total shock to us yesterday and we are having to make plans and decisions at an alarming rate.

“I am in constant contact with the Department for Education and Essex County Council as to possible solutions as this is a long-term closure and as soon as I know plans for next week, I will let parents know. I am so sorry for all the disruption this will cause families but the decision to close to some children was totally out of my hands. Please be assured I will do everything to keep our children safe.”

In an email to parents sent out last week, seen by EssexLive, the school said it had put a contingency plan in place for this week, but it was “not possible” to have formed a plan for the weeks following this.

Source: Essex Live
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