Saniflo UK – part of the SFA Group, a leading designer and manufacturer of macerators, pumps and lifting stations – is providing two 610 Sanifos lifting stations and a Sanivite grey water pump to a new, state-of-the-art dental school in Bristol with numerous clinics and 119 dental chairs that will open in September 2023 enabling students to put theory into practice using the most modern equipment available in a renovated building in the heart of the city. 



The first of the Sanifos 610 lifting stations takes the water from a 20,000-litre booster tank in an adjacent plant room during routine maintenance and cleaning. It also provides an overflow for excess water. This is pumped up to street-level drainage directly above the unit.

The second Sanifos 610 is situated directly beneath the clinical rooms and takes waste from compressed air and suction drainage tools used by trainee dentists. The condensate waste from several air handling units installed in the same basement section, but on a higher elevation, is also discharged into this Sanifos, which again pumps the waste up to the mains drains.

A third unit, a compact Sanivite+ grey water lifting station, was specified to take wastewater samples once per week from side stream filters that monitor the heating and chilling systems throughout the whole building. Water is frequently tested, and the resulting wastewater is pumped out through the Sanivite+ to mains drains. This automatic operation is designed to ensure there is no rust contamination in the pipework to maintain the optimum efficiency of the temperature controls.





Nathan Thomas, Senior Mechanical Engineer at Briggs and Forrester Engineering Services – the company appointed by Kier Construction to complete the fit-out of the building – oversaw the units’ installation. He says:

“Saniflo products are robust and durable and we know we can rely on them to do a good job. The support from the Saniflo team is always exceptional, whether it’s a site visit or a technical phone call, and the units are easy to install and maintain. They solved our drainage challenges at the dental school with ease.”




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