West Fraser’s highly popular P5 particleboard is available in two versions, CaberFloor P5 and CaberDek; the principle difference between them is that the latter’s top face is protected by an ultra-tough peel-clean layer.

Both boards are produced in thicknesses of 18mm and 22mm, measuring 2400 x 600 mm, with T&G joints along all four edges to help achieve a stable and precisely-aligned floor surface.  The interlock also cuts down on the number of intermediate supports or ‘noggins’ required, which saves time in most situations.  It is the total length of time for which the installed floors can remain exposed to the weather that generally leads customers to choose between CaberFloor, the UK building industry’s favourite solution for fitting out upper storeys, and CaberDek, whose protective film allows for continued work in inclement weather. 

Despite the inherent moisture resistant qualities of the standard P5 particleboard, CaberFloor should not be left exposed to the rain for any prolonged period.  For CaberDek, however, the safe period extends to a full 42 days or six weeks; not only withstanding rain, snow or ice, but also creating a safe, non-slip surface. 

This can be of particular advantage when contractors are cutting in a particularly complex roofscape or carrying out a large loft conversion and most choose to leave the film in place until all the plastering and other wet work has been completed, before the film is peeled away to expose a pristine, dry substrate.  The upper floor is, therefore, ready for laying carpet, tiling or other finishes.

Both products can be laid using CaberFix adhesives to help ensure the finished installation is squeak free, with the choice of CaberFix Joint&Joist  meaning only five fixings per board are required, one at each joist position – so again cutting labour costs.  This adhesive should be applied to the edges to achieve five times the strength of simply nailing.  Alternatively, West Fraser’s one-bottle solution, CaberFix D4, can be used for all panel fixing and sealing jobs.

The primary CaberFloor P5 carries BBA-Agrement certification while FSC ® (C012533) approval underlines its environmental credentials and, being a RIBA-approved BIM Object, it can be specified for use on projects involving the latest CAD programmes and computer aided machining.  The boards are also suitable for use with underfloor heating (UFH) systems and beneath all types of carpet, vinyl and tiles. 

Check out West Fraser’s housebuilders’ page where, amongst lots of useful downloads, there is further information on CaberFloor

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