Schools can’t cut corners on security. But in education, budgets are tight. How do you square that circle?

By finding the right supplier. At F.H.Brundle, we’ve helped dozens of schools, colleges, and universities keep students safe and secure.

In our vast and ever-expanding range, you’ll find products that offer outstanding performance at competitive prices. Our RoSPA bow top railings and gates are designed to minimise the risk of clothes entanglement and finger, head and neck traps.

Long-lasting and easy to install, they come packaged together with necessary components, and are priced per metre.

Products like the Nylofor 3-M offer a high level of security, and are difficult for would-be intruders to scale, while remaining almost completely transparent. This makes them perfect for contexts where you want children to be secure, but also need the environment to still be open and welcoming.

What’s more, it’s been specifically designed to be both cost-effective and quick and easy to install – it can be fitted 20% faster, and needs 20% less concrete and posts than other systems of its type.

We also supply a wide range of mesh panel systems to suit all types of perimeter security applications. Whether high-level or low-level security is required, mesh fencing resists impact and vandalism, all without obstructing views.

Pedestrian barriers are another vital part of any safe school site. At school, children can face risks from car parks and busy roads.

At F.H. Brundle, our range of hot dip galvanised pedestrian safety barriers are fully welded and come complete with fixing bolts for optimal strength, longevity and ease of installation. Whatever your school security need, we can help!

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