CGI of Stone Lodge School, due for completion in February 2022.

Construction work-proper has begun at Stone Lodge School following pre-construction works that included ecological investigations, moving wildlife and diverting public rights of way.

BAM Construction is working on the three-storey building with sister companies BAM Design and BAM Services Engineering. Architect KSS has been novated to BAM.

“The design at Stone Lodge takes account of learning from our recently completed scheme, the School of Science & Technology, in Maidstone,” said construction director Mick Kelly.

“That project was up-to-date evidence of how we go about our work. We have also got a highly experienced construction manager in Daniel Brenchley who lives in Kent and has built many education buildings across the county.”

Daniel Brenchley himself said: “By bringing more of the work in-house we increase co-ordination and reduce risks, which helps us deliver the programme for the school and it enhances our ability to use digital techniques and find modular solutions.

“BAM originally learned it had become successful in its competitive tender on the day lockdown was announced. So immediately we required an adjustment to this new way of working for our teams as we began to develop the design.”

Source: The Construction Index




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