After years of intensive use by the pupils of St Francis Xavier School in Richmond, North Yorkshire, the floor of its sports hall was looking worse for wear. What’s more, the very structure of the building meant any sport or exercise was always accompanied by severe acoustic issues. 

As specialists in all aspects of sports flooring as well as acoustic suppression, TVS Group was in a unique position to offer the co-educational school a comprehensive solution and one which would be quick and economic to achieve.

“While TVS offers a whole range of flooring solutions for gyms and sports halls, in this case, with a sound floor structure, we sought a simple and more cost-effective solution, explained Jason Lewis-Lamb, Sports Flooring Specialist with TVS Group. “The aim was not only to extend the lifespan of the existing vinyl floor but reduce noise reverberation within the building.”

Stage one involved a deep clean of the floor surface, removing years of dirt, grime and marks, many caused by the use of incorrect footwear. The aim was to reveal a surface close to its original look and feel. Once complete, all of the existing line markings were overmarked with new 2-part polyurethane sports line paint to leave a crisp finish that would further protect the existing floor and lengthen its lifespan. TVS also supplied new protective carpet matting so that the sports hall flooring would be protected when needed for alternative use such as holding exams or staging exhibitions.

Finally, after a detailed sound survey, TVS recommended, supplied and fitted a simple but highly effective acoustic panel solution for the noise issues. Over 260m2 of custom made, brightly coloured Absorb Sports Panels were used across the sports hall, not only significantly reducing the reverberation issues but adding a fresh new look to the building. The panels are not only hard wearing but simple to remove and clean.

“There was no interruption to school schedules as all the work was carried out during school holidays and the client was delighted with the end result,” added Jason Lewis-Lamb.

Do you remember what your educational facility looked like when you were there? Style may not have been at the top of the agenda and, if you were to revisit your old haunt, you may very likely be horrified at what was once regarded as satisfactory flooring for educational facilities.

With schools in session for 39 weeks of the year and on average 965 pupils per secondary school and 282 pupils per primary school, the flooring installed throughout the premises must be hardy enough to withstand large footfall and yet be easy to install. Plus, with the UK education sector covering a variety of buildings and settings from entrances, school halls, classrooms to corridors, the flooring must provide a practical solution to each setting without impacting on the academic calendar and budgets.

For more than 40 years, Carpet & Flooring have been supplying the flooring industry with a complete flooring package. Offering a choice of industry-leading brands, Carpet & Flooring offers everything you need to complete your projects in one convenient order and delivery and, for your convenience, have 10 Nationwide branches located throughout the UK. Here, we provide our top tips in specifying flooring in an education setting as well as considerations of how the design and flooring colourway can have an impact on learning:


Fibre-Bonded Carpets & Nylon Barrier Matting
With the UK weather being very changeable, quite often having four seasons in one day, the chances are that, when coming in from outside, pupils do not wipe their feet, thereby bringing in moisture and debris from outside.

Installing a heavy-duty fibre-bonded carpet or a tile and plank option in receptions and entranceways will capture any soil and debris walked in from outside, protecting the rest of your interior floor finishes, resulting in floor coverings that remain in better condition for longer. Aside from being durable, fibre-bonded carpets are available in a wide variety of colourways so that you can create an inviting space for pupils and staff.

Installing a nylon barrier matting with a scraper fibre effectively scrapes footwear to capture soil, moisture and dry debris when walking in from outside. This minimises the effects of soiling in other parts of the building and ensures the longevity of the flooring.

Carpet Tiles
Offering endless design opportunities and available at various price points, as well as being great for limited budgets, carpet tiles offer durability and sound reduction, great for helping to develop a quiet space for learning and teaching in classrooms and preventing noise  reverberating around the school when installed in hallways.

A huge benefit when it comes to installing carpet tiles is that the creative opportunities are endless! Available in a wide variety of designs and colours, carpet tiles can allow the installer to create a bespoke installation to suit any aesthetic. An accent colour can be incorporated into the floor design, giving a nod to colours associated with the establishment without being overbearing.

The CFS Europa Collection and CFS Illusion ranges are a popular choice when installing in educational facilities. With a wide array of colourways allowing endless design opportunities and the capability to withstand heavy traffic in corridors and classrooms.

Additionally, if a tile is damaged by a drink being spilt or paint dropped, it can be replaced individually, rather than re-laying the whole floor at unnecessary expense and effort.

Safety Flooring
With students studying a wide range of subjects from the arts and science to design and technology where movement around the classroom is necessary, safety becomes of paramount importance in preventing any slips where any debris and spillages on the floor may be commonplace.

Installing safety flooring in these areas with slip resistance properties, as well as being anti-bacterial, hard wearing, and easy to clean, puts the safety of students and staff first.

Luxury Vinyl Tile
With large amounts of footfall in educational buildings, Luxury Vinyl Tiles rise to the challenge of being both versatile and easy to install. Due to its hard-wearing qualities, LVT has become increasingly popular. Designed to have the appearance of real wood and stone, and other natural materials, LVT not only looks like the real thing, but feel likes it, creating a beautiful luxury look.

Additionally, it is easy to clean and has good slip resistance to prevent any slips and falls. It also offers noise reduction, minimising the sounds of heavy footfall and background noise.

As well as the choice of floorcovering, the consideration of how the colour choice of floor covering can impact on a pupil’s or staff’s psyche is also worthwhile considering.

In educational facilities, colour differentiation between sections of flooring can also help direct pupils and staff to important areas as well as allowing you to create a zonal separation to help pupils adapt their behaviour to each area that they are in. For example, installing two different flooring colourways to identify between work and play areas.

A neutral colour tone which is based around nature, for example, can conjure up relaxed feelings. In contrast, bright colourways can invoke a creative environment and a friendly atmosphere

It is of paramount importance that you use a quality installer when replacing the floor coverings within a school. Even when using a top-quality product, using the wrong installer can result in an inadequate and potentially unsafe installation. We suggest using a recommended installer with experience in educational establishment installation to ensure your project is completed on time and within budget.

To find out more about Carpet & Flooring’s extensive product portfolio or to request a free sample, contact us by the following methods:
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Altro has introduced new shades for its Altro Wood™ adhesive-free and Altro Wood safety flooring ranges. The new, on-trend, wood-look options, from cool grey hues through to warming and natural tones, provide flexibility when specifying or designing application areas which require differing technical performance.

In support of the growing popularity of adhesive-free floors, the number of shades for Altro Wood adhesive-free has increased from 12 to 18, and they are now aligned with those in the Altro Wood palette, making selection between the two ranges quick and easy.

Altro Wood adhesive-free creates maximum impact with minimum downtime. It can be welded and walked on the same day, and at the end of its life can be removed easily, allowing it to be reused or recycled. With Altro Wood adhesive-free bringing 14dB sound reduction, one in a million slip-resistance reassurance, high levels of comfort underfoot and speed of installation; it provides a safe, durable, and decorative solution for busy spaces.

Altro Wood safety flooring offers four new oak colours, together with differing plank sizes and shades including wide plank classic and rustic designs. This attractive, general purpose wood-effect vinyl safety flooring gives 4dB sound reduction, sustained slip-resistance for the lifetime of the floor and is designed to cope with medium to heavy traffic, helping crate the right look for areas where people live and work.

David Brailsford, Altro’s New Product Introduction Manager said: “After we introduced Altro Wood adhesive-free in 2020 it quickly established itself as an important product for those who are looking for a sustainable and versatile safety floor that is quick to install. It is key to ensure that our colours and designs stay relevant and, as a result, we wanted to offer more design choice in this valued product. We have therefore extended the range from 12 colours to 18 and at the same time have balanced the Altro Wood range, re-colouring this popular product and adding extra dimension to our range of colours. Our customers value the choice and flexibility that this alignment provides, giving them breadth of choice with what remains a really popular finish for homely interiors.”

With matching design and colour options across the Altro Wood adhesive-free and Altro Wood ranges, you can achieve a consistent look in different areas. Select from the ranges for the right technical performance required.



CLICK HERE  for the full range of new designs, new shades and inspiration from Altro.



Thousands of square metres of Altro Walkway 20 safety flooring have been used to create flowing, natural spaces at a flagship new building at Aarhus University in Denmark.


The Skou Building, named after Nobel Prize winner Jens-Christian Skou and home of the Institute of Biomedicine, was designed by CUBO Arkitekter as part of a wider project to reinterpret the campus architecture. The building is designed as two staggered lengths that meet in a stunning central atrium.

The design looked to minimise the number of different materials, creating a bright and natural look, whilst drawing some of the organic, natural forms from the area into the building.

More than 9,000 square metres of Altro Walkway 20 safety flooring in the colour Cloud have been used in corridors and laboratories. The flooring complements the white walls, oak interiors and large glass sections whilst reducing the slip-risk to one in a million throughout the life of the product.

Bo Lautrup, partner and architect at CUBO Arkitekter, says: “We chose Altro Walkway 20 in a warm colour with tiny sparkles to get a homogeneous, fine look. It was crucial to create unbroken coherence through the building. The floors should just be able to continue without stopping or switching between materials.

“Altro Walkway 20 is functional as well as simple in expression and in that way helps to emphasize the natural and bright aesthetics which was so important to achieve throughout the building.”

In addition, 750 square meters of Altro Walkway 20 SD in the colour Fog have been used in laboratories where there were special safety requirements.

Altro Walkway 20 is an incredibly popular, durable 2mm safety floor that prevents both slips and wear throughout the product’s life. The range offers 42 colours – both bright and muted as well as decorative designs with coloured flakes for greater design flexibility.

With the static dissipative version of Altro Walkway 20, you can minimize the risk of damage to electronic equipment such as computers that are sensitive to static electricity. The floor is ideal for laboratories, computer rooms and places where electronics are gathered.


Visit for the full range of new designs, new shades and inspiration from Altro, and for information on how to make your custom designs a reality.



High performance products from F. Ball and Co. Ltd., including Styccobond F41 carpet tile tackifier, have been used by iFlor Flooring Contractors LLP to install a bright combination of grey, pink and blue Paragon and Balsan carpet tiles in the sixth form study room at The Charter School in North Dulwich, London, helping to create an inspiring learning environment for school students.


As well as adding a splash of colour to the school’s sixth form study room, iFlor was commissioned to install Forbo vinyl sheet in a number of classrooms, using Stopgap 700 Superflex levelling compound and Styccobond F46 pressure sensitive adhesive.

Styccobond F41 carpet tile tackifier is designed to provide a permanently tacky film that prevents loose lay carpet tiles from moving laterally, but still allows for individual tiles to be lifted and replaced with ease, should they become damaged or worn.

The acrylic polymer emulsion adhesive can be used for securing a wide range of dimensionally stable ‘flat lay’ carpet tiles backed with bitumen/felt, non-woven fabric, PVC and other polymer backings.

Before installing the floorcovering, contractors determined that a moisture management solution would not be required for the concrete subfloor in the sixth form space, as a moisture test indicated the base was sufficiently dry, and so proceeded to the application of a levelling compound and the subsequent carpet tile installation.

In five of the school’s classrooms, Styccobond F46 pressure sensitive adhesive was used to install grey vinyl sheet. The solvent free acrylic adhesive is designed to give strong initial tack and a high bond strength that dries to a permanent tacky film. Further, it also reduces the incidence of trowel serrations shadowing through thin vinyl flooring.

The classrooms’ raised access panel subfloors were first primed using a general purpose primer, before being smoothed using Stopgap 700 Superflex levelling compound to create a suitably smooth and level surface for the installation of the vinyl floorcovering. Flexible subfloors, such as raised access panels, can move when subjected to normal foot traffic and temperature changes. These movements can cause traditional levelling compounds to crack, leading to visible imperfections showing through the floorcovering or even eventual floor failure.

Stopgap 700 Superflex is a fast drying, self-levelling, fibre-reinforced levelling compound. suitable for use over flexible subfloors prior to the installation of new floorcoverings. The product is reinforced with tiny fibres that maintain the integrity of the levelling compound and prevent visible cracks from forming as a result of any movement within the raised access panels.

Once the levelling compound had cured, the job was completed with the installation of the Forbo sheet vinyl, ready for students to begin learning again.

Adam Couch, owner and director of iFlor Flooring Contractors LLP, commented on the project: “Once again, F. Ball products have played a significant role in completing a successful installation. They can be trusted to provide the high standard of results needed and the client was pleased with the outcome, which is set to inspire students for years to come.”


The correct dance floor makes an important contribution to the safe performance of dancers without the risk of slips and falls or longer-term stress injuries.  A good dance floor instils confidence in dancers to give full expression to their creativity, safe in the knowledge the dance floor will offer a consistent response.  Harlequin Floors have developed floors specifically for dance, offering the exact requirements needed for varying genres of dance, which commercial grade, industrial and sports floors cannot.

Experienced dancers can judge a good floor instinctively as to whether or not it feels right. And if it feels right they can effectively forget about the floor and concentrate on putting all their focus and concentration into the artistic performance. A confidence that comes from a reassurance they are not going to slip and fall, that lifts can be performed safely and on landing from jumps the response of the floor consistently returns the right amount of energy absorption. Quantifying this subjective rating of a floor into a series of repeatable tests is no simple task. Anyone specifying floors for dance should remember that dancers may not be the commissioning clients, but they are the end users.  Major dance companies understand this, which is why it is not uncommon to ask their dancers to “test” floors before the final choice is made.
Research in recent years has identified a correlation between the consistency of dance floors and injuries incurred by dancers.  When specifying a floor for dance, using general flooring or sports floor standards will not ensure the right floor is installed.  Only a floor developed specifically for dance will do.  There have been some high profile examples where floors have had to be replaced by a dance company after the building is complete because the floor was not considered fit for purpose by the dancers using it.

Why sports floors are not suitable for dance
It is tempting to presume that as the elite athleticism of top dancers is on a par with sports people, that a sports floor is appropriate. It is not. There are some critical factors that distinguish the requirements of dancers from those of sports played on a sports floor. Many sports played on these floors require a firm floor which allows balls to bounce predictably. Sports footwear is generally cushioned to protect against impact injuries. The footwear also provides grip for the sports person. By contrast dancers need more absorption or cushioning on landing from jumps. Their footwear varies according to dance style and doesn’t cushion landings. Dancers also need the right degree of traction from the dance surface.
Harlequin work extensively with dance scientists and biomechanics experts to investigate the effects of the choice of dance floor on dancer performance and injury, and to research and develop floors that minimise these risks.
Biomechanics expert Luke Hopper explains “Injury occurrence is all too common in dance.  Dancers will always push their bodies to the limit to get the most out of their training, it is therefore very important that safe dance environments are created by reducing any unnecessary injury risks”.
Dr Boni Rietveld is an orthopaedic surgeon at the Centre for Medicine, Dance and Music in The Hague, Netherlands, and is also Past President of the International Association for Dance Medicine and Science. Boni Rietveld observed, “There is a distinction to make between injuries caused by the floor and those caused accidentally. As far as the former are concerned, it is evident that there is a cause and effect relationship between dancers’ injuries and the floor on which they perform.”

Harlequin’s CPD Programme
As part of Harlequin’s commitment to protecting the health and wellbeing of dancers and performers, our RIBA approved CPD explains why specifying the correct floor for dance and performing arts is critical to the longevity of a performers career.
​Using comprehensive data and case studies, we outline the key considerations when specifying a performance floor and look at the important contribution the floor makes to performer health and safety. We explore the history of dance floors, the reasons why floor choice is so important, current standards and tests and how to ensure you specify the right performance surface.
Harlequin is the world leader in advanced technology floors and stage systems for the performing arts and is the industry choice for the world’s most prestigious dance and performing arts companies, theatres, venues and schools. Harlequin manufactures, supplies and installs a range of high quality sprung and vinyl floors and specialises in the building and refurbishment of bespoke stage systems.

For any performance floor enquiries please contact our technical team on: +44 (0)1892 514 888 or email: If you are interested in booking a CPD please contact:


With, on average, 282 pupils per primary school and 965 pupils per secondary school, the flooring installed throughout the premises must be hardy enough to withstand a large footfall, yet be easy to install.

Here, Lisa Tomlin, CEO of Carpet & Flooring, provides her top tips for specifying flooring in an education setting:


At a time when many educational facilities across the UK are being obliged to use technology to teach remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic and many school buildings are under-utilised, now may be the ideal time to consider upgrading flooring to avoid any disruption to students and the day-to-day running of school life when schools re-open fully.
With many flooring companies holding online consultations via video conferencing software, advice can be provided on product ranges and specifications at any time of the day.

Wear & Tear

Whether you work in a pre-school, primary or secondary school, such educational establishments experience a very high footfall, and this is something that must be considered when choosing appropriate flooring. A robust floor covering that can withstand increased footfall is paramount to ensure not only that it remains in peak condition for as long as possible, but that it does not become damaged and prove a safety risk to children and students.
Moreover, classrooms are incredibly busy places, often subject to paint, ink, and liquid spills. Installed tiled carpet or LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile) avoid the need to replace the whole roll of flooring if just a small section is damaged. This is an important consideration for both budgets and logistics in a public sector building.

Style and colour

As well as being robust enough to withstand a class of 30 children, flooring in schools must be stylish enough to impress and to complement the established branding or educational establishment colours. By using carpet tiles, an accent colour can be incorporated into floor design, giving a nod to colours associated with the establishment, without being overbearing.


It is of paramount importance that you use a quality installer when replacing the floor coverings within a school. Even when using a top-quality product, using the wrong installer can result in an inadequate and potentially unsafe installation. We suggest using a recommended installer with experience in educational establishment installation to ensure your project is completed on time and within budget.

Recommended Flooring Types

Fibre-Bonded Carpets
The chances are that, when coming in from outside, pupils do not wipe their feet. Installing a fibre-bonded carpet in an entranceway to capture any soil and debris walked in from outside will protect the rest of your interior floor finishes.
Carpet Tiles
Offering endless design opportunities and available at various price points, as well as being great for limited budgets, carpet tiles offer durability, sound reduction and clean-ability. Whether a drink has been spilt or paint dropped, carpet tiles can be easily lifted and replaced without the cost of replacing the whole flooring.
Luxury Vinyl Tile
With large amounts of footfall in educational buildings, Luxury Vinyl Tiles rise to the challenge of being easy to clean with a slip resistance to prevent any slips and falls. They also offer noise reduction, minimising the sounds of heavy footfall and background sounds.

The University of Salford required a flooring solution to their refurbishment of Peel Hall, a historic Victorian building with original features housing the University’s lecture theatres. Despite the extensive refurbishment, the main entrance to Peel Hall was left untouched. In 2018, the University decided that the beige flooring throughout the hall was not “on brand”, or of the same high standard as the rest of the building so turned to flooring specialist, Barratt and Hughes, to help them find a solution.
The University provided a clear brief to Barratt and Hughes. Because of the high volume of traffic in the area, the flooring needed to be hardwearing and be able to hide the inevitable stains. It also needed to look modern yet still be in keeping with the original period features. In addition, as the flooring was going to run up and down the stairs, the University wanted a flooring that would create a clear walkway for students and staff.
Barratt and Hughes selected “CFS Precision Txture” tiles after using the product in a store refurbishment project and being impressed with the quality. By specifying the flooring in the colour, Rioja, they were able to complement the Hall’s existing interior design scheme. Due to the flooring being comprised of single tiles, affected areas can easily be replaced in the event of damage, cutting down potential refurbishment time and costs for the University in the future.
“CFS Precision Txture” is designed to enhance any room with a modern aesthetic, meaning it can fit the brief exactly. The product is also manufactured from recycled yarn with a high tuft density, ensuring that a heavy commercial rating is achieved and making it the perfect fit for a room where heavy footfall is expected.


Voted Contract Flooring Journal (CFJ) Distributor of the Year for four years running, Carpet & Flooring offer a comprehensive range of flooring solutions. To find out more about Carpet & Flooring’s extensive product portfolio or to request a free sample, contact us on
01527 511860 or via our website.

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An array of Forbo Flooring Systems products has been installed within the University of St Andrews’ newest student accommodation building, to help deliver a contemporary and high-end aesthetic that would enhance the students’ experience. The final design resulted in HLM Architects being commended in the 2019/20 Fly Forbo competition.

 Located within the University of St Andrews’ North Haugh Campus, Powell Hall was developed to provide 205 new bedrooms, as well as high-quality common spaces, as part of the largest expansion of accommodation in St Andrews for over a decade.

Keen to offer an exceptional student experience, The University of St Andrews wanted the new accommodation to have its own unique look and feel. Mhairi-Claire Wilkes, Interior Designer at HLM Architects, explains: “The number of international students is increasing, and their expectations for academic living are not limited to the four walls of the bedroom. Instead they desire a higher quality of hospitality. They want a space to meet people, collaborate, learn and play; spaces that will enhance their social living experience, while supporting and improving their academic and personal growth.”

With this in mind, the University selected Campus Living Villages as its joint venture development partner and HLM architects to provide its architectural and interior design services.

To meet the University’s brief, HLM Architects developed a variety of social, formal and informal spaces for students to collaborate and study in, all of which featured unique lighting and furniture, as well as bespoke colour palettes that reflected the University’s branding, which were expressed through the soft furnishings and feature paint.

Mhairi-Claire continued: “When it came to selecting materials and colours for the project, we ensured that they reflected the University’s heritage and complemented its existing buildings. However, to make this building unique, we decided that each floor would have its own colour palette, to not only provide some identity to those that use the building, but to also help with wayfinding. We managed to achieve this through the specification of the floor coverings.

“As we have a strong relationship with Kay Kerr at Forbo, we knew we would receive excellent help on the project.”

Within the formal, reflective learning areas, which were designed for students that wished to engage in individual work quietly, HLM Architects opted to install Forbo’s Tessera Diffusion carpet tiles, thanks to its soft aesthetics. Forrest trail, a brown earthy tone was specified for the first floor; Arctic Voyage, which has a soft light blue hue, was installed on the second floor, and Magnetic flux, a charcoal grey, was chosen for the third floor

Mhairi-Claire continued: “Within the informal spaces, where the students would interact and socialise, we chose Tessera Layout Planks in the colourways Mono and Plasmatron – both of which have complementing grey and black hues running throughout. We also had a bespoke Library Red developed by Forbo specifically for this project, to represent the University’s colours.

“When we originally chose the planks, we were unsure on how to use them at first. However, with help from Kay, we decided to install them in an almost Tetris style pattern and it looks great! To be honest, I think it is one of the most successful finishes that we have had on this project; we really like the combination of the grey and black tones, combined with the vibrant pops of red.”

Throughout the corridors, HLM Architects specified Forbo’s Sarlon acoustic vinyl floor covering in the colourway Steel, to mimic the architectural concrete featured on the outside of the building. Chosen for its acoustic properties, the Sarlon range has been developed to provide 19dB impact sound reduction – perfect for this project where hundreds of students will use the space at the same time.

“At the entrance area of the building, Kay recommended that we used Forbo’s Coral entrance flooring system to remove the soil and moisture from shoes and wheel treads, to protect the interior floor coverings,” commented Mhairi-Claire. “Coral Duo in Luna pearl was chosen as it is aesthetically pleasing and complemented the Tessera Layout planks perfectly, thanks to its grey and black design.”

Forbo’s Coral Duo is the ultimate dirt and moisture remover. It is the ideal solution for areas that require maximum dirt removal, unrivalled dirt retention and exceptional moisture absorption, all in just a couple of paces. In fact, research has shown that Coral Duo retains 10% more dirt in the first few metres than any other textile entrance flooring solution on the market. HLM Architects also chose to install Novilon Classic in all of the communal kitchen areas to provide a more homely and warming atmosphere.

For more information about Forbo’s solutions for student accommodation, please visit or to pre-register for the 2020/21 Fly Forbo competition visit


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The soft and atmospheric patterns and outstanding performance of Forbo Flooring Systems’ Tessera Cloudscape carpet tiles has helped to refresh a high traffic foyer area that leads to one of the main lecture theatres at the University of Cumbria.


The Hugh Pollard lecture theatre, located at the university’s Lancaster campus, is used by hundreds of students every day. After many years of use, the foyer of the building became outdated, with the flooring also needing to be replaced. The new floor covering had to be durable, easy to maintain and aesthetically pleasing to help create a lasting impression for years to come.


Nigel Beeden, former Estates and Property Manager at University of Cumbria said: “I have worked closely with Jon Rogers, Forbo’s Business Area Manager, for a number of years and have used many Forbo products before. The carpet tiles have always fared very well and when Tessera Cloudscape was launched, we were very interested in the product as not only did it offer underfoot comfort, but the aesthetic styling of the floor covering provided a textured look and feel that we felt would add depth and variety to the area”.


“For the majority of the space we used the colourway Nimbus Grey with a smaller quantity of Monsoon Cloud, a lime green shade, being used in the seating area to create a feature space and also in front of the curtain walling. We didn’t want to use just a plain carpet, so the design of Cloudscape and the careful mix of colours between the grey and green works exceptionally well in this space.”


Tessera Cloudscape was installed in the foyer area of the Hugh Pollard lecture theatre, complementing the teal and grey furniture that is in place. The carpet tiles offer outstanding performance, even in the most demanding of heavy traffic environments, and the multi-height loop design delivers soft and atmospheric patterns that are inspired by constantly changing cloud formations – helping to contribute to the creation of a more calming, relaxed and reflective environment.


Nigel continued: “The cleaners are really happy with the carpet tiles as the speckled appearance is forgiving and doesn’t show hoover lines. In fact, we were so impressed with the styling, performance and maintenance of Tessera Cloudscape that we have upgraded various other corridors in different colourways from the collection.”


The Tessera Cloudscape collection consists of 16 naturally inspired tonal colourways, which allows the creation of light, fresh and airy spaces. Available in 50cm x 50cm tiles, which can be laid non-directional or monolithic. Tessera Cloudscape can also be installed alongside Forbo’s other popular carpet tile ranges, and their Allura Flex LVT collection, meaning clients can easily create an integrated flooring scheme to cater for different demands within every environment.


Cloudscape Merge is also available in all of the 16 Cloudscape colours. The product creates an interesting transition from one area to another, reinforcing the organic structure of Tessera Cloudscape and the tonal progression of colours creating an environment helping us to reconnect.


Dan Jones, current Estates and Property Manager at University of Cumbria, commented: “The feedback from staff, students and visitors has overall been very positive. The carpet tiles have fared very well and still continue to perform like they did the day that they were installed. Tessera Cloudscape is now our go-to floor covering and we have rolled it out as a design standard across the university.”


The creative flooring scheme for the foyer area of the Hugh Pollard lecture theatre has led to the project being awarded Commended in the Fly Forbo 2018/2019 competition.


For more information on Tessera Cloudscape please visit: or for more information on the Fly Forbo 2019/20 competition and how you can enter please visit:

Gradus has supplied premium carpet planks for the new Innovation Centre at the University of Essex, helping to create an innovative floor design with a modern feel.


Located at the university’s Colchester campus, the Innovation Centre is part of the Knowledge Gateway research and technology park. The research and technology park has been developed to drive growth in north Essex and will host more than 50 start-up businesses. The £12m Innovation Centre houses the digital creative studio, where Gradus carpet planks have been installed, and will showcase technologies such as artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and virtual reality.

Gradus put together the floor plan design in conjunction with the university. Urban Myth carpet planks were installed in the main studio in colours Lead (dark grey), Steel (light grey) and Sapphire (blue). Installed in half-drop, the planks create a walkway and are used to form a gradual transition of colour across the floor which helps to define specific zones within the studio space. Additionally, Gradus Brickworks and Emphasis carpet tiles were installed in separate offices.

“The studio is all about creativity, reflecting the vibrant creative industries in Colchester and the wider area, so we wanted a floor plan that would not only deliver the practical benefits of carpet tiles, but also embody the values of digital innovation,” explains Matt Brown, Project Manager, Capital and Development Team, the University of Essex.

“That’s exactly what we’ve got with the Urban Myth solution from Gradus – a dynamic carpet floor scheme which helps visitors and occupants identify which areas of the floor are used for which purpose.”


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Gradus also supplied Essex University with Elite stair edgings and a large quantity of skirting for The Copse – a new-build accommodation block for undergraduates. STM7510 Stratum skirting in colour Snowdrift delivers a low-maintenance, cost-effective alternative to wood skirtings and was ideal for installation around the gentle curves in the building.

Dan Bowen, Carpet Specialist at Gradus, comments: “We worked closely with the University of Essex to ensure we delivered the right solution for their requirements. Our Urban Myth range is available in both tile and plank format, and the random design offers versatility and the opportunity to create innovative and exciting floor schemes.”

Gradus supplies a wide range of carpets, barrier matting and flooring accessories to suit a variety of applications. For further information, contact Gradus Technical Support on 01625 428922 or visit