When it comes to supplying flooring to the Education Sector, Carpet & Flooring has your needs covered, with ranges through from small private nurseries to large university campuses.

Carpet & Flooring offers a wide array of industry-leading brands and flooring types in one convenient order and delivery process. Plus, for your own convenience, we have 10 branches located nationally throughout the UK. Here, experienced Carpet & Flooring staff can guide you through the ideal solutions for any educational setting and de-bunk common misconceptions about flooring in this sector.


“Flooring involves a lot of upkeep and is expensive to maintain”
Whether you work in a nursery, school or university, wear and tear is inevitable, especially in areas of heavy footfall. However, there are steps which can be taken which will help alleviate the level of upkeep to the flooring and minimise costs.
Firstly, placing a robust floor covering such as a heavy-duty fibre-bonded carpet, tile or plank option or a nylon barrier matting with scrapper fibre in the entranceway or reception of such an establishment is paramount.
Additionally, the installed entrance solution will capture any moisture or debris walked in from outside and will ensure that the flooring within the building remains in peak condition for longer, minimises costs and provides an improved aesthetic and first impression for those who work in and visit the establishment.
Furthermore, carpet tiles in the classroom or play areas are not only quicker and easier to install but can be replaced in isolated areas where there has been wear or a spillage. It is easier and more cost-effective to replace a worn tile than replacing an entire floor than if, say, broadloom carpet was used as the floor covering.

“You cannot make a statement with flooring”
Gone are the days where grey carpet was installed in corridors of education establishments creating a muted, sombre tone! Today, schools and universities must create a welcoming environment for students and visitors alike. Many flooring options, especially in carpet tile and broadloom, are available in bright shades, installed to complement the establishment and to tie in with school colours.
If looking for a muted tone, without being too overbearing, an accent colour can be incorporated into the floor design when installing carpet tiles to emphasise the establishment’s unique identity.

“Flooring does not insulate sound”
Within a classroom, noise can be generated by several factors such as footfall, noise from outside or movement in classrooms which are adjacent or on the floor above (and, of course, noisy pupils!) All of which can contribute to distraction and impede pupils’ learning.
The placement of certain types of flooring and underlay in classrooms and corridors can alleviate this by absorbing sound and reducing noise transmission.
When fitting any flooring in what may be a particularly noisy area, it is essential to check with your flooring contractor the acoustic impact noise and decibel (dB) rating prior to installation.
Where the installation of carpet tiles or carpet broadloom is not an option, commercial rubber flooring or Luxury Vinyl Tile are ideal alternatives.



“Vinyl Flooring is Outdated”
In recent years, vinyl flooring has moved markedly from single cheerless colours to being a more welcoming, versatile and easy-to-install product. Because of its hard-wearing qualities, Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) has become a very popular flooring installation in educational environments.
Created to give the appearance of real wood without the upkeep, some LVT ranges come with a bevelled edge so that when installed, there is a small gap between each board. This adds definition to each board and creates a natural finish to the room. In addition, LVT is easy to clean and can come with excellent slip resistance to help obviate any slips or falls. LVT also offers noise attenuation, minimising background noise or heavy footfall in corridors.

“Flooring is not environmentally friendly”
Many flooring designs today are very eco-friendly, ranging from carpet tiles or broadloom made from 100% recycled yarn to flooring fabricated by 100% green electricity. For example, many products can be found with a Building Research Establishment’s Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM) certificate which provides third party certification of the assessment of an asset’s environmental, social and economic sustainability performance.
One particularly popular carpet tile choice stocked by Carpet & Flooring which is ideal for schools is ‘CFS Illusion Plus’. This is manufactured in a carbon-neutral facility, BRE Global-certified and comes in plain colours and complementary linear patterns.

For more than 40 years, Carpet & Flooring has been supplying the flooring industry with a complete and competitive flooring package. Voted the CFJ (Contract Flooring Journal) Distributor of the Year five years running, Carpet & Flooring can provide everything you need to deliver your school, college or university flooring installations on time and within budget…




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