Children and staff at Gatley Primary in Cheadle, Cheshire, are enjoying reduced noise levels during their lunch break following the installation of a set of CMS Danskin Acoustics’ SuperPhon Art Panels.

Cheshire Soundproofing were called in to address noise and reverberation levels in the school dining area, which accommodates 50 to 60 children for lunch.  Serving staff and children were struggling to hear each other.

A scheme, which involved SuperPhon Art Panels, was developed by Cheshire Soundproofing using CMS Danskin Acoustics’ acoustic calculation system.  The brief from the school required an improvement in the acoustics, but also sought to add vibrance to the room and to promote healthy eating.

Six 1200mm x 1200mm Class A noise absorbing SuperPhon panels were installed, each printed with high resolution images depicting colourful, fresh vegetables and fruit selected from a database of images.

The addition of the SuperPhon Art Panels, along with acoustic ceiling tiles, has created a more pleasant environment for staff to work in and the children are happier, reports the school.

A spokesperson from the school said,

“After a smooth and swift installation, we were delighted to return to school after the holidays to a new, vibrant and bright look to our dining hall. The pupils love the artwork on the panels yet more importantly the acoustic improvement was noticeable immediately to the teaching and catering staff and has created a more acoustically pleasing environment for everyone.”

“This bright, colourful scheme was a simple, but effective response to Gatley’s noise and reverberation issues.  It shows what can be achieved with a limited budget,” said Catherine Burke of Cheshire Soundproofing.  “The SuperPhon Art Panels certainly fitted the brief.”

SuperPhon provides up to Class ‘A’ acoustic performance and has a Noise Reduction Coefficient from 0.80 to 1.15 – an NRC of 0 indicating perfect reflection and an NRC of 1 indicating perfect absorption.  The sound absorption coefficient is tested to BS EN ISO 354:2003.  CMS Danskin Acoustics provides a free reverberation calculation service as well as full technical and on-site support.

Available in a wide selection of colour finishes and installation options, bespoke designs, such as corporate identity, commercial or decorative designs, murals and images are also an option.  SuperPhon can provide complete or partial wall coverage and is available in standard or bespoke sizes and thicknesses.

Manufactured by CMS Danskin Acoustics, part of SIG plc, in Warrington, SuperPhon is designed for use in many applications, including recording/rehearsal studios, audiology rooms, cinemas and theatres, schools, call centres and conference rooms.  SuperPhon has been installed at the British Science Museum, the Edinburgh Observatory and at Jodrell Bank, for example.

Cheshire Soundproofing is an expert soundproofing and acoustic installation company located in Stockport near Manchester specialising in domestic and commercial soundproofing, offering a complete installation package from acoustic treatment, plastering to final fix joinery.