GEZE have completely upgraded their control panels for smoke and heat extraction systems. Control units are the brain and the power supply of the smoke and heat extraction systems in a building.


The new THZ N4 and THZ Comfort replace the previous versions and offer a more powerful power supply, increased connectivity and easier installation.


In addition to extracting smoke from staircases the THZ N4 and THZ Comfort can also be used for smaller smoke and heat extraction systems such as a foyer and are suitable for use on new buildings and retrofitting. In large event venues with smoke extraction installed in the roof or with a machine smoke extraction system the THZ N4 is particularly suited for operating fresh air drives such as GEZE’s RWA K 600.


Both versions have received a hardware and capability upgrade; the more powerful power supply enables an increased output of 4.5A from the 3.4A in previous models which broadens the panel’s specification possibilities and allows more drives to be connected.


The motor line connection has also been upgraded to a spring level motor terminal to allow for easier installation and both can now be interfaced with the GEZE ST 220 service terminal for quick and easy commissioning.


Both control panels have a compact and attractive design; the THZ N4 has a plastic housing in white whilst the THZ Comfort has a robust metal housing in orange.

To find out more about the THZ N4 or THZ Comfort visit GEZE’s website or for a brochure email

For more information on GEZE’s comprehensive range of door and window control products visit

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