Waterlogic, a leading global designer, manufacturer, distributor and service provider of purified drinking water dispensers, presents its latest Oceansaver Accolade to DPD, the leading express parcel delivery service. The accolade recognises organisations that have made a significant contribution and commitment to the reduction of single-use plastics that not only impact climate change, but also dangerously pollute the world’s oceans.DPD is committed to being a truly sustainable business. Since 2020, the company has provided its people (approximately 22,000) with reusable metal bottles and has installed Waterlogic water stations at its 87 depots, ensuring that the bottles can be easily refilled. DPD estimates this has helped save over 1 million plastic bottles, corresponding to over 82.8 tonnes of plastic – and, based on its people filling up on average twice a day, five days a week, an estimated 3.75 million plastic bottles of water will no longer be needed. In addition, DPD’s Hub vending machines, which typically dispensed 100,000 plastic bottles of water a year, now only provide cans.

“Our partnership with Waterlogic is an important part of our vision to be the leader in sustainable delivery. At DPD, our aim is to drive and inspire more sustainable behaviour in our employees – behaviours that will hopefully extend outside of the workplace. We believe that becoming more sustainable is the right decision to help protect our planet and the people in it, and we are really proud to be presented with this accolade and to have our efforts to remove single-use plastics recognised,” comments Olly Craughan, Head of Corporate Social Responsibility at DPD.

The Oceansaver Accolade aligns with Waterlogic’s overall company mission to pioneer the application of advanced technology that delivers the most sustainable, safest water, effective against COVID-19. DPD was chosen to receive the accolade due to its work in reducing employee plastic use and its overall plastic use, whilst increasing recycling from 63% to 70% over the course of 2020. DPD now recycles more than it buys, utilising reusable transit packaging: last year, 136 tonnes of shrink wrap were purchased, whilst 336 tonnes were recycled. DPD also donated £200,000 ($275,000) across 140 organisations from its Eco Fund, which supports sustainability initiatives, including electric vehicles and emission-free cities. Looking forward, the company aims to reach a recycling goal of 80% by 2025, with zero to landfill and the complete removal of single-use plastics. It is also well on track to meet its target of reducing its CO₂ per parcel by 30% by the same year.

Waterlogic’s Oceansaver Accolade programme demonstrates how front-and-centre environmental sustainability is when it comes to the company’s operational mindset. The company hydrates nearly 50 million consumers daily and contributes to the reduction of 23.8 billion single-use plastic bottles, and was one of the first to introduce point-of-use (POU) water dispensing systems. These connect directly to existing water supplies and reduce the need for environmentally unfriendly single-use plastic bottles. Waterlogic is working with its customers and leading on new ways to encourage more sustainable hydration, including its Freefill initiative that it has championed alongside major organisations like DPD. By installing bottle filling stations that staff and customers can use, 1.1 million refills were recorded in 2020 alone as communities embraced reusable bottles.

Alistair Dicken, Head of Corporate Accounts at Waterlogic, comments, “As a long-term hydration solution supply partner to DPD, we have been delighted to support its green journey through the provision of innovative bottle filling stations across its distribution centres. The bespoke branding opportunity we provided for these stations enabled DPD to convey a powerful message to users, aligned to its wider sustainability programme – ‘You never need to use plastic again’. We are delighted to recognise DPD’s genuine commitment to sustainability with the Waterlogic Oceansaver Accolade.”

Waterlogic has already presented accolades to Goldman Sachs UK, Interserve on behalf of E.ON, the Iberostar Group and Ramsey Health Care in Australia, amongst others, and will continue to recognise deserving, sustainability-focused customers across the world.

About Waterlogic

Waterlogic is an innovative designer, manufacturer, distributor and service provider of drinking water dispensers and accessories designed for offices, factories, hospitals, restaurants, hotels, schools and public spaces. From freestanding, countertop and integrated dispensers to bottle filling stations, fountains and boilers, every solution focuses on delivering the best quality water in the safest and most sustainable way. Founded in 1992, Waterlogic was one of the first companies to introduce mains-fed dispensers to customers worldwide, and has been at the forefront of the market promoting product design and water quality, the application of proprietary technologies, sustainability and world-class sales and service. Waterlogic has its own subsidiaries in 20 countries and its core markets are the U.S., Australia and Western Europe, plus an extensive and expanding independent global distribution network in over 50 countries.



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