When it came to the specification of a replacement rainwater system for a 19th century school building , Brett Martin’s Cascade Cast Iron Style Rainwater System offered authentic detailing, long-term performance and ease of installation without compromising the integrity of the building.

Located in the West Midlands and close to Wolverhampton, the original cast iron rainwater system at Wightwick Hall School was no longer fit for purpose and required replacement as part of remedial works prior to the school’s conversion to an academy. Brett Martin provided the client with full on-site technical support as well as recommending a cost-effective rainwater solution which had the look and feel of cast iron but offered the long-term benefits of plastic.

Due to the building’s age and change of use over the years, there were no technical drawings from which a bill of quantities could be created. To meet the challenge, Brett Martin’s technical team were able to visit the site and help with the specification along with calculations and assistance with installation techniques.

The specification of the Cascade rainwater system comprised 112mm Roundstyle Gutters and 68mm Round Downpipes with Tudor Rose Hoppers, all in Classic Black and providing the authentic detailing and finish they were looking for. This was complemented by the Cascade 110mm Push-Fit Soil System to provide a complete look which was architecturally sympathetic to the 19 th century building and the original detail of the previous cast iron system.

School site manager, Simon Bruce commented “We are very pleased with the replacement gutter and soil systems as the cast iron style is in keeping with the age and design of the school building. And since leaking gutters are now a thing of the past the Cascade will help protect the building for years to come.”

Significantly lighter than cast iron rainwater systems, Cascade is much quicker, easier and safer to install at height, helping to offer the contractor and their client huge savings in terms of on-site installation costs. The system also features external fixing lugs designed to facilitate the use of power tools, further speeding up installation.

Using a reputable manufacturer such as Brett Martin offers far more than the quality and versatility of the product itself – they provide superior technical support, detailed installation instructions and maintenance guidelines to ensure rainwater systems perform exactly as promised.

With this school building now fully protected and ready for its conversion to an academy, Brett Martin’s Cascade Cast Iron Style Rainwater System has met the aesthetic and performance requirements of the client whilst ensuring a fast, efficient and economical installation.

To find out more about Cascade or to watch the Cascade installation video visit http://www.brettmartin.com

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