After years of intensive use by the pupils of St Francis Xavier School in Richmond, North Yorkshire, the floor of its sports hall was looking worse for wear. What’s more, the very structure of the building meant any sport or exercise was always accompanied by severe acoustic issues. 

As specialists in all aspects of sports flooring as well as acoustic suppression, TVS Group was in a unique position to offer the co-educational school a comprehensive solution and one which would be quick and economic to achieve.

“While TVS offers a whole range of flooring solutions for gyms and sports halls, in this case, with a sound floor structure, we sought a simple and more cost-effective solution, explained Jason Lewis-Lamb, Sports Flooring Specialist with TVS Group. “The aim was not only to extend the lifespan of the existing vinyl floor but reduce noise reverberation within the building.”

Stage one involved a deep clean of the floor surface, removing years of dirt, grime and marks, many caused by the use of incorrect footwear. The aim was to reveal a surface close to its original look and feel. Once complete, all of the existing line markings were overmarked with new 2-part polyurethane sports line paint to leave a crisp finish that would further protect the existing floor and lengthen its lifespan. TVS also supplied new protective carpet matting so that the sports hall flooring would be protected when needed for alternative use such as holding exams or staging exhibitions.

Finally, after a detailed sound survey, TVS recommended, supplied and fitted a simple but highly effective acoustic panel solution for the noise issues. Over 260m2 of custom made, brightly coloured Absorb Sports Panels were used across the sports hall, not only significantly reducing the reverberation issues but adding a fresh new look to the building. The panels are not only hard wearing but simple to remove and clean.

“There was no interruption to school schedules as all the work was carried out during school holidays and the client was delighted with the end result,” added Jason Lewis-Lamb.

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