The construction of a £6 million new block has been completed at Stonehenge School.

The building contains a school hall, changing rooms, drama studio, fitness studio, music classrooms and practice rooms.

The project was funded by Wiltshire Council and the Department of Education and will allow the old lower school block to be demolished and replaced by a playing field.

Stonehenge School is a mixed comprehensive school in Amesbury for children aged 11 to 16.

Headteacher Carole Dean said:


“The replacement for our older, original building means that pupils now have state-of-the-art facilities in which to receive their education.

“The older buildings had become somewhat dishevelled, and there were often occasions where students were not able to gain the full school experience.

“The new building is bright and vibrant and offers a range of spaces that can be utilised to support the arts in particular.”

The new block also contains specialised teaching and intervention spaces for pupils with special educational needs.

Councillor Laura Mayes, cabinet member for education and skills said:

“This project supports Wiltshire Council’s priority to ensure that all young people get the best start in life.

“This investment follows the building of an extension that was opened in 2019, and with the added improvements to the rest of the school site, the students of Stonehenge School now have modern facilities they can really enjoy and thrive in.”

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