Spaciotempo hold key to alleviate pressures faced by Education Sector with temporary teaching facilities.

As the new Spring term rolls around and exams are set to take place back on academic grounds for the first time in 2 years, it might be time to put plans in place now for the 2022 exam season – taking place this Summer.
As academic institutions recover in a post-pandemic World, they might discover that they desperately need additional space on site to successfully accommodate such activities. That’s where Spaciotempo can provide a lending hand.
Not only can they install temporary exam halls, but temporary & semi-permanent classrooms, sports halls, auditoriums and so much more. Each and every build can be produced bespoke and provides the potential to be reused or redefined for further use.
Spaciotempo also recognise that existing buildings on campus require a little TLC from time to time – whether it be because of refurbishment, building works or even fire – but also that continuity and routine must endure for the benefit of learning. As the buildings are surface mounted, they can be erected and in-use in a matter of weeks rather than months, ensuring classroom lessons and extra-curricular activities can continue unaffected.
Not only can a Spaciotempo structure be rapidly installed, but it can also be much more cost effective than a traditional building and is typically 1/3rd of the cost, freeing up funds to be spent elsewhere in the institution. For example, a 15 x 30m sports hall could be yours from as little £935 a week + VAT.

Daz Logan, Managing Director of Spaciotempo UK, re-affirmed the businesses’ commitment to academic institutions by highlighting the importance of their recovery.

“Education across the UK has already been greatly impacted over the past 3 or 4 years due to the Covid-19 pandemic and we can play a part in helping academic institutions get set for a brighter future. The way we can do that is by providing much needed infrastructure that is both cost effective and rapidly installed, whatever the requirements.”
He added “We have 50 years’ worth of experience and expertise and can provide quality facilities ranging from temporary classrooms to indoor swimming pools, complete with interior fit out as we have delivered time and time again in the past.”

Furthermore, in partnership with Schools Finance Direct, Spaciotempo can help you explore the relevant finance options, provide clear written finance quotations, create a work plan and support and assist you through the whole process.
Schools Finance Direct can provide solutions that meet the complex conditions concerning operating leases and are able to finance temporary buildings for education from £80k up to £2m on plans from 2-7 years.

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