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From a global pandemic, to unprecedented inflationary pressures, construction supply change have been dealt their fair share of challenges. However, digital tendering software is here to help, and EstimateOne is leading the way.

With economic uncertainty impacting the industry, construction output is set to decline by 1.3% in 2023[1]. But how can you shift your daily activities to adapt to the changing landscape?

Just from my conversations with estimators, it’s clear the way the industry’s supply chain works isn’t simple at all. Sharing project details and getting quotes can make the supply chain even more confusing.

So, let’s get into the tips and tricks to ensure your supply chain is running like a well-oiled machine…

Know your supply chain

When it comes to your subcontractors, you certainly don’t want to roll the dice. Understanding the intricacies of your supply chain, including who your subbies are and the skills they bring to the table, is part of the job. Establishing a dependable network safeguards against possible disruptions in the future. It’s a given that no one’s network looks like it did pre-pandemic. With the ongoing scarcity of skilled labour, all contractors are looking to expand beyond their go-to pool of subbies.

Digital tendering platforms, like EstimateOne, help you navigate around those pesky construction delays and roadblocks, ultimately making your projects run like clockwork. The mission here is to empower both the main and subcontractors. Automated platforms can advertise job opportunities and extend invitations to potential subcontractors to submit quotes.

Refreshing your network regularly ensures you retain that competitive edge. By casting a wider net, main contractors are essentially building a stronger foundation reducing their reliance on a small group of subbies.

Accept automation

Nowadays, the slightest blip in your supply chain has the potential to cause chaos. Having access to a centralised platform can mitigate the perceived risk.

In the whirlwind world of construction, sticking to old-school manual methods for handling tendering might just trip you up right out of the gate. We’re here to forge connections, and get the job started, not drown in paperwork, right? Putting all your trust in outdated and slow methods could result in using obsolete quotes and missing out on opportunities.

Implementing an automated platform creates an ecosystem where the risk of document disputes is cleverly avoided. Automated addenda management makes the risk of document superseding mistakes practically nil.

With automation, those repetitive tasks you’ve been putting off are done for you, allowing you to focus on fostering key relationships.

Seamless Communication

Communication gaps stand as one of the most pressing vulnerabilities within a supply chain. With fierce competition and margins so thin, the absence of robust channels for effective communication between subcontractors and main contractors can cause a plethora of issues, including delays and budget overruns.

Here, digital platforms emerge as the solution, facilitating a seamless exchange of information, where communication can flow with ease. Almost 50% of contractors and subcontractors claim that real-time stakeholder communication has a significant influence on the project results. Could implementing a new way to communicate mean your project is finished with as little risk as possible?

The construction industry’s supply chains have a significant journey ahead to achieve comprehensive security. However, embracing automation in your tendering process can offer you a much higher level of security, eliminating the uncertainties in this risky business. When both parties do better, subbies win more work, and you have more accurate quotes, it’s as simple as that!

[1] Monthly Statistics of Building Materials and Components May 2023 (publishing.service.gov.uk)

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