BOXX Modular, a leader in temporary space solutions, proudly announced the successful completion of a groundbreaking project in collaboration with the University of Delaware. The project involved designing and installing a state-of-the-art modular building on the prestigious Star Campus in Newark, Delaware.

The impressive single-story structure spans 27,000 square feet, making it the epitome of temporary on-campus leased space. Comprising thirty-two skillfully built modules, the sophisticated building weighs over 1 million pounds and occupies nearly two-thirds of an acre. It features three distinct wings dedicated to scientific laboratories, classrooms, and relocation flexibility, seamlessly connected by a central corridor.

The construction of this unique modular building commenced with the installation of engineered foundation piers, providing solid support for the entire structure and its access systems. Meanwhile, expertly crafted 15-ton modules were meticulously manufactured at an off-site factory and transported a combined distance of 25,000 miles. Once delivered by truck, the on-site assembly of these modules created an awe-inspiring building.

After completion of the foundation, a meticulous process of seaming the building sections together commenced, connecting to underground utilities and ensuring the installation of fire alarm and sprinkler systems. Additional construction tasks included pouring concrete sidewalks and constructing handicap-accessible entrances. The building received a meticulous fitting of cutting-edge laboratories, classrooms, and offices, with special attention given to the wet labs used for biology and chemistry. These labs feature precise yet flexible systems for ventilation, plumbing, electrical work, piped gases, and adaptive technological connectivity, meeting the stringent requirements of the university.

The Star Campus at the University of Delaware is renowned for its dedication to innovation, cutting-edge research, top-notch academics, community service, and economic development. Understanding the need for a superior temporary modular building, the university placed its trust in BOXX Modular’s proven expertise and outstanding reputation to deliver a customized solution that meets their exact requirements.


Source: Market Scale

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