Dunham-Bush has signed an exclusive agreement with Eco-Airvent to manufacture and distribute their innovative, energy efficient Classmaster® heat recovery ventilation units. 

Classmaster has been developed specifically for classrooms and fully complies with the very latest BB101: ‘Ventilation, thermal comfort and indoor air quality 2018’ and BB93: ‘Acoustic designs for schools, performance standards (2015)’ guidelines. With nine chassis sizes and airflows ranging from 50 to 600 l/s, Classmaster delivers the very highest standards of air quality to meet every classroom requirement.

Key features include a patented variable air mass flow heat exchanger, which maintains thermal efficiency at both 100% and 50% airflow levels by cleverly keeping turbulent velocity airflow across the heat exchanger. This is not possible with conventional heat exchangers as airflow goes into a laminar flow with no exchange of thermal energy.




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