Earlier this year, more than 100 schools were forced to close due to grave risks associated with Reinforced Autoclaved Concrete (RACC) used in their construction. With schools already grappling with the immense challenge of accommodating growing student populations, there is simply no room for avoidable disruptions.

Experts from Lyon Tec believe that AI-driven solutions could have mitigated or even prevented this catastrophe.

Leading the charge, forward-thinking construction firms are now harnessing the power of AI tools to conduct precise and efficient analyses of building materials. These cutting-edge tools act as guardians of quality, ensuring the selection of optimal materials tailored to specific needs. In doing so, they not only prevent disasters like the RAAC crisis but also save invaluable time and resources.

AI-driven risk management software also offers real-time analysis, alerting authorities and construction firms about potential dangers before disasters strike. By effectively analysing material longevity, weather conditions, and historical failure data, these tools can forecast and prevent catastrophic events like the collapse of RAAC ceilings.

Artificial intelligence will have a huge impact on architecture in the future, and Lyon Tech is championing the use of this technology in the construction of new schools to ensure the highest level of safety, while minimising the risk of future disruption to education due to poorly chosen building decisions.

To find out more you can visit the Lyon Tech website.

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