For a natural or hybrid ventilation solution in schools and other educational facilities Passivent can provide design expertise and technical support acquired over 35 years of business.
The Hybrid Plus2 Aircool® is just one of the products in Passivent’s education range.  Not only does this system improve indoor air quality, thermal comfort and the wellbeing of its occupants, it also meets the requirements of Building Bulletin 101 “Guidelines on ventilation, thermal comfort and indoor air quality in schools” and Building Bulletin 93 “Acoustic design of schools – performance standards”.

Most commonly used in classrooms the Hybrid Plus2 Aircool® is a quiet and energy-efficient hybrid ventilation system requiring minimal maintenance. It has different operational modes that are dependent on the internal and external environment. Sensors respond automatically to increases in temperature and CO2 and a boost function maximises fresh air supply.  Suitable for a wall or window construction, the Hybrid Plus2 Aircool is lightweight and modular in design and can be ceiling-mounted or ducted within a ceiling void.  The system is controlled by the Passivent iC8000 controller allowing for up to 40 individual zones to be managed.
Passivent’s range of roof terminals are also extremely popular in the education sector and are ideal for larger spaces such as halls and atriums. They offer Class A 100% certified rain rejection (to BS EN 13030:2001) so that a building can be fully ventilated regardless of weather conditions. BRE tested, they are resistant to continuous wind loads at 51 m/s and motorised base dampers control the airflow with excellent thermal and airtightness performance when closed.  Available in a range of designs and sizes to suit a building’s aesthetics and ventilation requirements, they can also be colour-matched to any RAL or BS colour.  Installation is made easier by their lightweight construction and integral sub-base.


As with the Hybrid Plus2 Aircool the roof terminals are automatically controlled by Passivent’s iC8000 controller which monitors the indoor environment through CO2 and temperature sensors. BACnet compatibility also enables communication between the controller and the building management system.
For further information or support with your natural ventilation project contact Passivent on 01732 850 770, email or visit the website.

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