Schools have many factors to consider when it comes to choosing fencing, from security and privacy, to aesthetics, sustainability, and noise, if only one product could provide all this and more; enter timber acoustic barriers.

Constructed from kiln-dried, pressure treated timber boards secured between unique tuning fork posts, timber acoustic barriers provide a gentle, timber aesthetic which can easily blend into any environment, and can reduce noise by up to 28dB. The boards have a deep V tongue and groove design, which minimises gaps that sound could travel through, reflecting it away from the fence.
Timber acoustic barriers work both ways; sound waves from traffic, construction and other environmental factors entering the school grounds are mitigated, while noise leaving the school from sports and playgrounds is also reduced, which helps to keep neighbours happy.
With a 25 year guarantee, they are comparable to steel fencing in terms of longevity, and they’re equally secure – their flat profile offers no hand or footholds for intruders to climb.
Noise has been found to have an extremely harmful impact on our health and wellbeing, with problems ranging from poor sleep and mood swings, to severe health problems including cardiovascular diseases. Lower noise levels in schools can instantly improve learning; reducing distractions within the classroom and helping students to concentrate.
Pupils’ wellbeing isn’t just impacted by noise within the school grounds. If your school is on a major thoroughfare or in a densely populated area, students are also at risk from passers-by. With their completely solid construction, timber acoustic barriers are ideal for providing students with privacy and preventing outside contact.
We’ve supplied acoustic barriers for many schools to help reduce noise, from installations to mitigate the sound of loud hockey games within the school, to reducing noise pollution from a busy main road to help create a better learning environment. For help and advice on acoustic barriers or any school fencing project, contact Jacksons Fencing on 0800 953 3735.


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