Beauflor® sheet vinyl floors bring schools and colleges a durable, water-resistant, easy to maintain and cost-effective finish.

Schools and colleges need a floor that’s not only good to look at, but it must also be able to withstand constant footfall, be easy to clean and prove a cost-effective choice: Beauflor sheet vinyl floors are all of these things.

Suitable for schools needing an affordable solution to their floor in corridors, congregation and other heavy-duty areas, Xtreme is made in Belgium for a quality solution. The floor features a 0.70mm wear layer that’s capable of withstanding intensive use over a long period and is protected with Premium Coating to resist scratches, marks and stains. It also makes Xtreme easy to clean using routine maintenance. The floor is available in a wide range of digitally printed looks including natural wood planks and all-over designs. Using high-definition digital printing ensures these designs also avoid tell-tale pattern repeats for a better look in large areas.

Digital printing is also behind the Create bespoke floor concept. Ideal for schools and academies looking to utilise the floor as a way of expressing the values of their learning environment or to inspire pupils.

For schools looking for a take on existing designs, say a solid colour floor with the addition of a school logo or motif, the Studio programme is ideal: any Xtreme design can be chosen and adapted with text or logos. Crea is the completely bespoke service where Beauflor’s design team creates a floor from scratch, using your ideas and inspiration to create a one-off floor. Available on just a single full roll of Xtreme, Create brings a unique floor that can echo the values of education environments in a finish that is hardwearing and easy to maintain.

Chris Roberts, Regional Sales Manager, Beauflor: “The floor is one of the largest surfaces in the school environment and represents a great opportunity to do something creative. However, cutting in designs or logos into vinyl floors is costly and prohibitive, so not really an option for many schools, particularly in refurbishment. However, our Create programme makes it possible to have a floor that’s unique to your school and which reflects the values it bestows on pupils, while also benefitting from the affordable nature of sheet vinyl and the durability and ease of maintenance of our Xtreme specification.”

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