Be it covered dining areas, or space for sports and socialising, the pandemic has highlighted existing issues at many schools. When considering your next project, it is the best time to plan improving your external environment, and there is a firm who are happy to work with you.

For over 55 years, Fordingbridge, the West Sussex engineering and construction contractor, have used their expertise in the design and build of outside structures to help educators maximise use of their school footprint. Underused courtyards have been converted into covered dining areas. Playgrounds have been improved so they can still be used on rainy days. Social space has been allowed for, reducing corridor congestion during breaks.

With a host of structures, from simple covered walkways to link buildings, to wide-span canopies to cover MUGAs and courts, the firm offer a full design and build offering from their offices. This allows educators, contractors and architects alike to tap into the knowledge of the firm and collaborate to create a practical, reliable and cost effective covered space.

Working with steel, glulaminated timber (“glulam”) and tensile structures, the Fordingbridge offering is a complete win-win for both educators and contractors, taking the structural and design responsibility on their shoulders and working together to create usable spaces which fulfil the needs of the school.

Likewise, collaborating with architects to help them achieve their brief is a regular part of Fordingbridge’s undertaking. Working in unison to ensure buildability and value is added to each project, their own design team work with architects and specifiers to aid with planning, specification and final delivery of canopy and walkway projects throughout the UK and Ireland.

With the importance of properly used outside space highlighted by the pandemic, when designed with care, it provides a fast, cost effective and aesthetic solution to additional space at your school.


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