Consort Claudgen have expanded their Electronic 7-day Timer range to include three new low surface temperature fan heaters; two of which are 500W and 750W heaters in the PLSTiE Slimline range and the other a 2kW CN2MLSTiE heater. These heaters comply with NHS Estates Health Guidance Notes with a maximum surface temperature of 43°C, making them perfect for environments with vulnerable people such as children and elderly residents. All heaters offer six heating periods per day, seven days a week and have an optional open/close window detection feature. There is an easy-to-read display, four large control buttons with tactile feedback and an electronic lock to prevent tampering with the controls. The heaters are also enhanced with safety monitoring features and one of the latest low energy consumption EC motors. This allows the heaters to operate quietly, whilst still providing the best possible levels of comfort.

For more details, visit or contact Sales at 01646 692172.

Consort Claudgen has launched their latest Heat brochure which includes a host of new heating controls and heaters in their product range. The 48-page brochure features motion-activated and waterproof run-back time controllers, new heater models in the electronic 7-day timer range and advanced wireless controllers which are now compatible with Consort’s RX and SL heaters. As well as several other new products, it showcases heaters with safety monitoring features. All of these are detailed in the brochure along with the established panel and fan heaters, convectors, LST heaters, air curtains, downflows and towel rails.


Download a copy from or request at 01646 692172.