SGB-25975 BFHA pupils with Harron Homes Site Manager Kevin Adlington and Carrier Landscapers Site Manager Joe Carnell

The official planting ceremony saw three BFHA pupils assist both Carrier Landscapers and Harron Home’s Bilsthorpe Chase Site Team in planting three native oaks on the development’s village green. Perhaps the most familiar of British species, the oaks, once grown, will complement Bilsthorpe Chase’s peaceful rural feel while adding touches of greenery to the picturesque development.

The pupils of Bilsthorpe Flying High Academy were ready with spades and hi-vis to help plant the trees. Despite the poor weather conditions on the day, they proved themselves intrepid and handy gardeners, patiently waiting out the winter rain before venturing outdoors during a spot of sunshine to get the job done. The Bilsthorpe Chase site team, led by Site Manager Kevin Adlington, was on hand to guide the pupils and help them plant the trees. Assisting them were Carrier Landscapers’ David Hazeldine, Ben Grabham, and Joe Carnell, who provided their own expertise to ensure the pupils planted the trees safely and securely.

Once all the trees have been planted, they will contribute a great deal towards reducing the levels of air pollution and making the local environment more biodiverse.

Developments like Bilsthorpe Chase take these well-known benefits of rural living and combine them with the convenience and comforts of a more modern lifestyle. Built to the highest specification and designed to be both stylish and comfortable, the variety of two, three, four and five bedroom homes are perfect for couples, families, and individuals alike. With Sherwood Pines only a few miles away, and myriad scenic walks and cycling routes surrounding the development, Bilsthorpe Chase provides its residents with the best of both worlds.

Claire Gibbins, Sales Manager for Harron Homes North Midlands, said:

“At Harron Homes we know that even small touches of greenery can transform the look and feel of a development. But woodland areas and forests are also vital in improving the biodiversity of the areas we build in. This planting marks the first step in what is set to be a really great change for the development.

“It was great to see the next generation get involved with nature in this way. The kids were a real help on the day, and we hope they will be proud to see the oaks grow and blossom in the coming years.”

Samantha Leek, Headteacher at BFHA, said:

“It was wonderful to give the pupils an opportunity to get some hands-on experience planting trees. Through our curriculum we aim to provide our pupils with a wealth of knowledge on the science and history of the planet and its environment. Being able to couple their learning with practical experience such as this provides a brilliant opportunity for enhancing their education, and it’s a key part of what we aim to do at BFHA. Of course, more importantly, it was a lot of fun too!”

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