Children from Undy Primary School visited a local building site to gain first-hand experience of the construction process.

The excursion allowed the 60 year four pupils to glimpse into their local area’s development and better understand the steps behind housebuilding.

The trip included a comprehensive tour of the Vistry site at Seymour Place in Undy, where both Bovis and Linden properties are under construction. The children were introduced to key aspects of site safety, saw a bricklaying demonstration and took a stab at the new skill themselves. In addition to gaining on-ground experience, the students were educated about the various tasks carried out on a development site. This ranged from plumbing, carpentry, decorating to bricklaying. They also viewed the show home and wandered through an unwrapped house which showcased the home’s exposed ceilings, walls, piping, electrics and structural components.

Teacher Miss Kirkman said of the bricklaying: “It was wonderful to see every child have a go.”

“It was fascinating to look behind the scenes in the unwrapped home and it made them view the show home very differently, as they had an understanding of the work involved,” she continued.

Seymour Place site manager, Dave Buckingham, said: “The children were enthusiastic and it was brilliant to see them so engaged.”

Team members leading the tour included Andrew Stanton, assistant site manager, Emma Mackay, PR manager, Mike Laws, area sales manager, and Victoria Halifax, sales consultant – all of whom answered questions posed by the children.

The bricklaying demonstration was steered by Kevin and the team at Mike Etheridge Construction.



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