A school has announced the start of term may be disrupted as its main building is unsafe.

Haygrove School and Quantock Education Trust have been engaging with the Department for Education (DfE) over the past 12 months to ensure our main school building is fully fit for purpose and of the quality our students and staff deserve. The DfE has overall responsibility for the main building, which was completed in October 2020, and has undertaken technical investigations over the past few weeks to determine its long-term viability.

Since first occupied the main building, was assured by the DfE that it was safe for students and staff. However, they were informed last week that the DfE has decided, following its surveys, that they are not able to use the main school building until further notice. This means they are in need of alternative arrangements for the new school term in September. The DfE has promised that it will be providing high-quality temporary accommodation on the school site as soon as possible. However it is no yet known when this will be delivered and the school is seeking urgent clarification from the DfE, a far from ideal situation for students and staff.

This may cause a delay to the start of term which will pose logistical challenges for some of the families who await further updates.

Once further information from the DfE, the situation will be confirmed and arrangements will be put in place for setting up provision in alternative accommodation, with  contingency plans for the start of term underway.



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