Two into one does go with advancements to Gilberts’ natural ventilation accessories in line with changes to Building Regulations and guidance. Its latest Series VN-S unit not only addresses noise attenuation into the internal space but is also fully non-combustible.


The Series VN-S range of acoustic silencers for natural ventilation provide sound reduction with a choice of five depths (from 100-600mm) between 19- 49dBA, depending on unit size and further influenced by the degree of open free area (from 30-50%). The units can be fitted in air intake and air transfer applications. Thus external noise and/or noise nuisance/breakout between spaces is minimised. Tested to BS EN 10140-2 2010, the silencers are fully compliant with BB93 for acoustics within schools.


Importantly for any public or commercial building using natural ventilation, the Series VN-S is also fully non-combustible. This delivers compliance with the latest Building Regulations Approved Document F 2021, particularly with the Guidance’s interaction with Building Regulations Approved Document B. It can therefore form a key part of fire rated transfer applications when used in conjunction with approved fire, intumescent or smoke dampers.


“We’re all aware of the growing drive to reduce carbon emissions, and thus the growing specification of natural ventilation in buildings,” says Jonathan Haslam, Gilberts Managing Director. “Building services designers are all too aware of the need to balance those drivers with other considerations, including noise and fire. As the UK’s #1 independent air movement specialist, it is right that we are at the forefront of enhancements that enable designers to ‘tick all the boxes’ as efficiently as possible and have the tools to specify, as easily as possible, a strategy that is Regulatory compliant and delivers an internal environment that optimises occupant productivity and enjoyment.”


CLICK HERE for full technical details of Series VN-S


Founded 60 years ago, privately owned Gilberts is unique in having its own, on-site (85,000ft2) manufacturing facility, producing engineered solutions, with an in-house test centre. Technical expertise is supported with full in-house testing addressing air movement and combining with computational fluid dynamics CFD).

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