Thousands of square metres of Altro Walkway 20 safety flooring have been used to create flowing, natural spaces at a flagship new building at Aarhus University in Denmark.


The Skou Building, named after Nobel Prize winner Jens-Christian Skou and home of the Institute of Biomedicine, was designed by CUBO Arkitekter as part of a wider project to reinterpret the campus architecture. The building is designed as two staggered lengths that meet in a stunning central atrium.

The design looked to minimise the number of different materials, creating a bright and natural look, whilst drawing some of the organic, natural forms from the area into the building.

More than 9,000 square metres of Altro Walkway 20 safety flooring in the colour Cloud have been used in corridors and laboratories. The flooring complements the white walls, oak interiors and large glass sections whilst reducing the slip-risk to one in a million throughout the life of the product.

Bo Lautrup, partner and architect at CUBO Arkitekter, says: “We chose Altro Walkway 20 in a warm colour with tiny sparkles to get a homogeneous, fine look. It was crucial to create unbroken coherence through the building. The floors should just be able to continue without stopping or switching between materials.

“Altro Walkway 20 is functional as well as simple in expression and in that way helps to emphasize the natural and bright aesthetics which was so important to achieve throughout the building.”

In addition, 750 square meters of Altro Walkway 20 SD in the colour Fog have been used in laboratories where there were special safety requirements.

Altro Walkway 20 is an incredibly popular, durable 2mm safety floor that prevents both slips and wear throughout the product’s life. The range offers 42 colours – both bright and muted as well as decorative designs with coloured flakes for greater design flexibility.

With the static dissipative version of Altro Walkway 20, you can minimize the risk of damage to electronic equipment such as computers that are sensitive to static electricity. The floor is ideal for laboratories, computer rooms and places where electronics are gathered.


Visit for the full range of new designs, new shades and inspiration from Altro, and for information on how to make your custom designs a reality.


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