Photo courtesy of Aberystwyth University


Vectaire’s Microbox 125/2DC MEVs were chosen to ventilate the new, en-suite student rooms in the refurbished Grade 11 Listed Pantycelyn Hall of Residence at Aberystwyth University.

This prestigious project required discreet, but effective ventilation (now even more essential to control the spread of COVID-19).  The Microbox, provides this.  It is a low energy product which runs continuously, quietly and efficiently,  extracting pollutants and controlling condensation.  This in-line unit is slim (less than 184 mm deep) so is particularly suited for installation where space is at a premium.  It is easy to install, requires only one discharge grille and uses the minimum amount of ductwork (therefore fewer fire dampers and less coring),   There is a variable choice of low (trickle), boost and purge speeds at installation.  It is IPX4 rated, SAP PCDB Listed and UK manufactured.




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