Children could be in temporary classrooms for 104 weeks while asbestos is removed from a school in Bedworth.

Asbestos needs to be removed from some classrooms in the Exhall Grange school building.

So the school has applied to Warwickshire County Council for permission to have two temporary classrooms set-up on its car park for a period of 104 weeks for students.

This is the time period it is expected to take to remove the asbestos.



A planning application, which is due to be discussed by members of Shire Hall’s regulatory committee, sets out the situation.

It says: “The proposed temporary modular building would be required for a period of two years to provide two classrooms for pupils while their classrooms in the main school building are out of use as asbestos is removed,” the application reads.

“The installation of the temporary classrooms would allow the maintenance of the school buildings with a significant benefit to the amenity of the school and its users by the removal of asbestos.”

It is being recommended that, if planning permission is granted, there are conditions attached to it.

  • Removal of the classroom within 2 years of the date of the decision.
  • There would be no change to the numbers of pupils or staff attending the school as a result of the proposed development

Members of the county council’s regulatory committee are due to discuss the application at a meeting on Tuesday (December 8).


Source: Coventry Live




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